About Me, George W Cutting III
George W Cutting III
George W Cutting III

I was born on the day “Purple People Eater” was the #1 Hit in the USA. From a Town known as Oyster Bay Long Island, rode a boy with a 35mm in his hand…Shoot I don’t think the song went that way, but I digress. My Elementary School, East Woods School, was across Yellowcote Road from my Parents house. Grades 7 thru 9 at CMS in New Hampshire, then High School at Millbrook School, 90 miles North from Oyster Bay in Duchess County.

I was given my first 35mm, from my Mom and Dad, in 1972. It was a Contax with a Carl Zeiss 55mm f2.8 lens and a cloth shutter plane. I was going to Junior High School at Cardigan Mountain School in Canaan New Hampshire, printing my first images in their B&W Darkroom. That summer our family went on a cross Canada CN train ride and up the Inside Passage on the Xanadu all the way to Skagway Alaska. In the frigid damp cold of Tracy Arm the shutter jammed. Lesson #1 learned: ALWAYS take a second body with you. For the remainder of that trip I relied on my mother’s Kodak Instamatic.

I entered into the Nikon age in 1981 after a brief stint with Canon’s brand new AE-1 (didn’t like the metering) with their FM all manual 35 mm body with Titanium shutter plane and 2000th second top speed. Thanks to Nikon’s West Coast Sales manager who had tree work performed by the company I was working for, he had me see the LIGHT. FM, No Static At All…What a fabulous platform to start with. On from there to an FM2 with Sunpac Flash, MD2, and Quantum battery pack and I was shooting weddings and TV shows. Film you ask? Kodachrome25, Bulk loaded Ectachrome 100, and then I saw a new light, FUJI Velvia and Provia! I still have an outlet for that film and still shoot it. BUT not just film…

Yes I am shooting Digital.

I entered this constantly changing field in 2004. Thank you to Sony for their 8.1 megapixel SLR with a Carl Zeiss lens. Now, thanks to my late Father, I have seen the light yet again, I am shooting with His Nikon D300.

You want to talk lenses… Call Me, too many to list.

From New York to Washington State, North Carolina, Alaska and Colorado, plus a couple or three trips to the Tropics, I have taken film and digital images of many beautiful sights. I hope you like what you see in my gallery.